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The Importance of Contracts & Returns

One of our MOAR kitties that was adopted in 2020 was returned to us recently by someone who was not his original adopter. This kitten was apparently given away shortly after adoption. The original adopter did not reach out to us at any point to tell us that there was a problem or that the cat needed to be returned.

He was brought back covered in ticks, in poor health, and very stressed after having been lost outside. This entire situation could have been avoided if the original adopter would have just reached out to us.

Friends, per our contract that is signed at adoption, we ALWAYS take back MOAR kitties. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had them or what your reason you are giving them back.

We invest so much time, love, and care into our foster cats… we only want what’s best for them. If you get them home only to find that it’s not going well - we WILL help you! If we can’t resolve the problem, the animal will be brought back into foster care with no issues.

It breaks our hearts to think of what this cat has been through and how it all could have been easily avoided. We are grateful to the kind person who did the right thing and returned him.

This is simply a reminder for those who have adopted and will adopt from us in the future, we are ALWAYS here for you and your pet!!

Beth 🐾

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